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I am heart. I am soul. I am mind.
Rhythm Blood Creation
​​​​​​​​​Te Ata
permanent collection MoCNA
I am mixed race; Chikasha, European, Mulatto. Obviously, I am more than a quick label.
Cultural, ancestral identity is essential in standing tall amongst the world's muck sculpted in uncleansed hurt.
My ancestors pulled me from the abyss.
 I attended the Institute of American Indian Arts. The experience challenged every aspect of my identity and the other, pushed me to an agonizing place of anger, incited me to fight against ignorance, and to no longer shy away from my voice.
I do not attack others or want their voice to shrink. I want all our sounds echoing. 


I think, absorb the world, read, think, drive for hours deciding placement, shop the hardware store and go dumpster diving, then think again. Finally, I stare at a blank canvas or ground or insulation foam. I've created something in my mind and now must problem solve to acheive my vision. Lots of mistakes, experiments, disappointments, frustration, boredom, exhaustion, stress, and I have a work. I consistently go back and make corrections or changes. It is never finished only bought or sacrificed to a deadline.

Chiholloli Ofi Tohbi
rip 10.16

I am an animal person. All my pets were awesome! However, my baby, here, was special. Technically, she was a mut from the shelter. I saw her and she was perfect. In my culture the white dog is a protector as was she. Her spirit is with me.

Inki, ishki, apoloosi, and my oshi; Yakoke, Chiholloli.
Thank you, friends and all my supporters.